The Modern Montague Genealogy

Without the help of my “found” family I would never have been able to put all this together.  Thank you to all of you. Special thanks to Ted Montague, cousin from Jarvis, whom I never knew until 1996, a funeral had to take place for Ted and I to meet. The funeral of Louis Montague, my Dad. Ted introduced me to my grandparents Paul and Prudence and to my grandparents Nicholas and Bridget. He was the one that started me on this journey. Thank you Ted, it has been a privilege and a pleasure knowing you and Frances. Enjoyed all our get togethers.

Marilyn Maxey Montague my aunt from the Toronto area who told me about my grandfather, her father John James, a WW1 hero. How I wished I could have known him. As a little girl, I met him once but I really did not know my paternal grandfather. Marilyn it is such a pleasure knowing you. Did we not laugh a lot, the telephone lines will never be the same. Thank you for all your information.    God Keep you Safe in the Palm of His Hand.

Uncle Joe who I finally met in the fall of 2010 and who did all my leg work pertaining to the soldiers stone for grandfather and helping me fill in some blank areas that I had. Thank you Uncle Joe it is such a pleasure finally meeting you and spending time together. Special Thanks to Aunt Marilyn for allowing us to make the soldiers stone possible. Thanks to the O’Dwyer Family for sharing with their family pictures, also so glad that we finally met.

To all my found family I am so glad we found each other. To those I have not yet met, we will meet some day.  Family is important, it is what defines us. If you don’t have family, you do not have real support.

My father-Louis – always questioning – what had happened? Why ? What went wrong? Why was there the family alienation? He died with those questions in his heart.  He knew nothing.  Hardly knew his father. He did not know his brothers and sisters until 1950. Never knew his grandfather and his cousins.  In 1950 upon the death of his father, the surprise meeting of his brothers and sisters took place.  Afterwards he was afraid to approach his extended family for fear that they would not want to be bothered with him.  The ice was just too thick. And from what I understand now the feelings were also the same by his extended family. All were afraid to approach the other side. And not really knowing why. A few came to visit when Mom and Dad (Louis) lived in London.  Marilyn Maxey Montague visited and spent time with Louis(Dad). A couple of his brothers,Jack and George came to see Louis when he lived in London during the 1960’s

Dad – here is some of the story as we see it so many years later.  But, I know you know it all – now!   Love you.

God Keep You Safe in the Palm of His Hand.

Marie Evans


May our family be filled with loving – kindness

May our family be well

May our family be filled with loving -kindness

And at ease

May our family be happy.