Judge Us By Our Deeds

The following 4 pages are some of what the history books tells us about the 1800’s. Some paragraphs are my feelings on some of the things that happened in the past. None of the following is cast in stone. I am hoping that someone can and will correct my mistakes.  Please send me the corrections. A document of this type, the facts have to be correct to be able to be past on. We have a family to be proud of.

P/S Don’t forget I am not an English major or a historian. I just put this together with lots of caring love and wanting to know. I have incorporated as many pictures as I could. I believe the pictures will attract the younger generation. Fashions , hair styles and other items that pictures show are the interest points for the younger generations.

I would give a lot to find a picture of Prudence and Bridget. I believe there is one out there somewhere, but where.

Genealogy of The Montague Family

The Montague name originates from Italy. After all Romeo was a Montague. The Montague’s came through Central Europe to the British Isles probably to the Isle of Mann. Married the Kings daughter, and later became King. It was their descendents that went to the boarders of England and Scotland, at this time in history, they were known as the Normans.

They swore allegiance to neither side but supported the cause of choice. The family left behind Kings, Generals, Admirals, Nobles, Earls, and Politicians.

There is a Tartan, Crest, and a Motto for the Montague Family.

                                          “Judge Us By Our Deeds”