Author Marie Evans (Montague)


The Author of this website and close to 300 page genealogy of The Montague family is Marie Evans from Lakeside, Ontario, Canada. Marie has spent the last few years trying to research and build a detailed geneaolgy of her roots dating back to Europe and the settlers coming to the new world.

Maries Gandparents were: John Montague and Ida Gelinas

Mother & Father : Louis Montague and UnaJean Aubin

Marie Anne Rose Gabriel Theresa  B- Sept.14, 1940 Drysdale, Ont.

Married July 14 1961 to Walter C. Evans. St Patricks R.C. Church London, Ont.

Walter was B – Dec 7, 1938  London Ont. Walters’ parents are  Walter  and  Edith Evans of London, Ont. Later  of  Ipperwash,  R.R.  # 2 Forest Ont.

4 Children